Camtac Manufacturing

Camtac Manufacturing

Camtac Manufacturing was a six month project that utilized Uni-Solar’s PowerTilt product. This product was a non penetrating ballasted system that used a thin film 144W photovoltaic cell. The product tilted the panels at an angle of 15 degrees. The product was chosen for this particular site due to the following site and product characteristics:

  • The roof was an EPDM ballasted roof that allowed for bagging the ballast and reusing it for weight required. This reduced the overall loading on the roof.
  • The building on which the system was being installed had a large footprint with a small amount of equipment and penetrations on the roof that allowed for the system to fit comfortably with a low structural weight addition.
  • The thin film product is able to produce yield at lower light levels.
  • The 15 degree angle in conjunction with the Uni-Solar panel coating on the PowerTilt Product allows for better snow shedding in light snow conditions allowing for better yields.

250kW AC.

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