Camtac Manufacturing

Camtac Manufacturing

A state of the art, 239,000sf truck engine cylinder head machining and assembly facility for new generation model diesel engines was constructed by Kiwi Newton Construction using a design-build, turn key agreement.

The facility includes a 200,000sf machining and assembly floor area and attached at the front of the building is a two storey, 39,000sf, area that houses finished offices, quality control, maintenance, tool room, chip bin facility and process related piping. A compressed air supply network, reverse osmosis water system, a potable drinking water system and a make up air and summer ventilation system as well as six overhead crane runways were also included with this construction.

Unique in the fact that the 200,000sf machining and assembly floor was completed, ready for machines to lay down and set up manufacturing in 3½ months with a three week lead time for design, permits and material orders. Construction was competed through the end of January to Mid May 2003 and amenities were 100% complete by August 2003.

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