Solar Design, Installation and Maintenance

Do you have a suitable location?
If you have a flat roof of 30,000 square feet or more, why not use that opportunity to convert your unused space into an energy producing revenue. Our roof top solar system allows you to generate the most solar energy possible using your roof space.

What if I don’t have a flat roof top?
Our solar systems are just as suitable for open spaces as they often offer ideal conditions for installation. We can adapt our installation to meet the individual requirements of the open space.

Worried about staying within load bearing limits?
Our in house engineers will evaluate roof structures and their load bearing capabilities. We can advise you on how to increase the roof strength and we can carry out the install as well. Our company shines at creating the best solutions for your roof space. We think outside the box!

Does it maintain the integrity of waterproofing and insulation?
Our rooftop solar systems require no roof penetration eliminating the risks of leaks and potential roof damage. They are gentle on the roof, lightweight and dependable.

Care and Maintenance
Once we get your system started, we are on hand to assist you and to answer any questions from design and layout to the installation. We are able to take on the entire job along with maintenance, cleaning and repairs.

At Newton Group Ltd. - 

  • We employ engineers, hence we can evaluate roof structures and their load bearing capabilities.
  • We’re builders and we advise you on how to increase your roof strength, if necessary, and we will carry out the job, too.
  • We have research and development professionals on staff so we are continually seeking out and evaluating new technologies and systems to offer our customers a better choice. All of this expertise is in house!
  • We don’t need to hire consultants.