Parking Structures

McLaren Technologies Parking Structure

McLaren Technologies Parking Structure

Newton Group Ltd. was selected as the Design+Builder for this new 150 space, two level above grade parking structure, including a connecting bridge. 

McLaren Performance Technologies also required the construction of an Engineering, Research, Development and Sales Centre. The project involved demolition of an existing building and selective demolition in a second building, all conceptual and detailed design work for 48,000sf of new office space on 3 floors, 25,000sf of R&D shop floor space, a 45,000sf/150 car parking structure, a connecting bridge with roof, green roofs, facade improvement to two existing buildings to match the new construction, energy efficient office building, renovations to the existing building of 20,000sf with meeting rooms, met labs, quality labs, machine and equipment process services and site work including landscaping and all. The site was constrained by size, however Kiwi Newton Construction's innovation and experience were able to resolve those constraints with the removal of one existing building and the addition of the parking structure to enable the additional 160 employees to park on that site. 

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