Newton Group believes deeply in advancing construction techniques with technology and innovation.  The firm specializes in design build general construction of integrated building systems that are cost and energy efficient.

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Traditionally, in the building industry, a building or parking structure is conceptualized by the owner who then contracts an architect to develop a design.  This is followed by the engineering.  Then the owner requests pricing from contractors, at which point, the owner usually discovers that the price is out of reach and the design process begins again to bring the design and cost into line.  This makes for higher up front risk and cost and the costs are difficult to control.

We have a better idea!

Newton Group offers Integrated Buildings including the CANADACAR Parking Structure and the KIWI CONDO as alternatives to the traditional, costly process of design and construction. These buildings are brought to market using techniques whereby the system is already pre-designed, however, is tailored to suit the owner’s needs and site location.

The building components are all factory made and pre-assembled into large elements, then shipped to site and erected and connected together.  Systems of mechanical and electrical are integrated in the design for efficiency of capital cost and running cost.

We manufacture our own steel structures right here at our plant in Guelph, Ontario. We ship directly to your site. We don’t have to wait for steel shipments from other locations or suppliers. This means we have complete control over the engineering process and our steel is ready for erection on your site when you are.

We also manufacture our own precast concrete in our precast plant. And once again, we have complete control over the manufacturing process which is done entirely indoors. There are no delays due to unfavourable weather. Every pour is perfect and consistent. We provide the highest quality control in our steel and precast concrete products.

Using environmentally sustainable, low energy and efficient design features, we also manufacture pre-engineered and pre-fabricated bridge systems. It’s a method of constructing new bridges and replacing deteriorating bridges that is cost and time effective using a modular design build approach.  We offer ultra high performance precast (UHPC) concrete deck designs or fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). FRP bridges are lighter, faster to construct and last much longer than the traditional 50 years for typical concrete and steel bridges.

Using our systems and our innovative techniques, we can provide our clients with the highest quality, best economy and fastest construction times.

Having a rail spur right on our property, we are able to ship anywhere in North America!

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