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Newton Bridge Solutions can offer TWO alternatives to the conventional, outdated, poured in place method of constructing bridges.  Both are fast; environmentally friendly and cost efficient.  Using either high performance precast concrete (HPC) or fibre reinforced polymer (FRP), we design, engineer, manufacture, ship and install.  We provide a complete turnkey product.

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Newton Bridge Solutions offers precast concrete bridges constructed out of high performance precast concrete (HPC) which is the same high quality concrete as our parking structures.

In our 30,000sf advanced precast production facility, we are able to produce and accommodate almost any size bridge span. Since manufacturing takes place inside our plant, we have total control of the quality of the concrete and there is no impact from inclement weather. The compressive strengths of our hardened concrete range from 70 to 110MPa.

We use advanced grouts and grouting techniques on site to fill the joints between the precast deck and rebar areas within the parapet walls.

Newton Bridge Solutions has prefabricated and built a HPC precast bridge including precast parapet walls near Cambridge, Ontario. This work was completed without entering or interfering with the watercourse.

As an alternative, we can offer the new fibre reinforced polymer bridge technology which produces a bridge deck that is lighter, constructed faster and is more environmentally friendly than conventional concrete bridges. At the core of each bridge is wood, itself a renewable resource, and which is one third the weight of a bridge constructed of concrete.  This internal laminated soft wood beam is wrapped in a fibreglass woven cloth matrix and saturated with an epoxy resin system under vacuum. The lifespan of these bridge decks is over 100 years in comparison to life cycles that may approach 50 years for concrete.

A cost benefit analysis of the Newton Bridge would prove that an FRP bridge provides a reduction in environmental impact, reduced carbon footprint, lower energy required to manufacture FRP and less time and labour component to erect.

As a design-builder of prefabricated bridges, we can offer you the most cost efficient solution for your bridge installation.

Download the Newton Bridge Solutions PDF here

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