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When your next building project includes a multi level parking structure we have seven good reasons to use our CANADACAR System by Newton Parking Structures.

We can build a turnkey two storey to nine storey parking structure that is:

Much less costly to build… read more
Much less expensive to maintain… read more
Constructed in half the time…read more
Easier for parking and safer for drivers…read more
Longer lasting …read more
Greater flexibility…we can make it mobile …read more
Bigger inside, smaller outside …read more

The CANADACAR System is the first modular parking structure system of its kind in North America. It is based on a European design, proven there for over 20 years and modified to meet or exceed Canadian standards and CSA specifications. Check out the parking structures at Centennial GO station in Markham, Ontario and the University of Windsor, Ontario.

The CANADACAR Parking Structure is a pre-engineered, prefabricated building system that utilizes the most advanced, innovative technique of construction resulting in free span modular parking bays. The system has been in use in Europe in countries where the weather is more harsh than our Canadian winters.

Newton Group Ltd. has a 30,000sf state of the art precast plant which uses proprietary mix designs for the manufacture of ultra high performance precast concrete products. These products range from precast deck panels for the CANADACAR parking structure system to precast wall and firewall panels, precast stair landings and precast columns and beams. The plant has high quality control systems such as in ground aggregate bins, enclosed transfer systems and custom made concrete handling systems, most of which can be operated remotely. The forms are expandable to accommodate many building component sizes. The precast plant is equipped with a 12.5T overhead crane and an outdoor crane with 50T capacity. In addition, this plant has a large indoor and outdoor storage capacity so that shipments to site can conform to just-in-time deliveries.

Download the CANADACAR Parking Structures System PDF here

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