Reason Five – Longer lasting

On site construction of conventional parking garages usually requires somewhat generous tolerances for concrete and conditions for setting may not always be ideal.

We have a better idea!

CANADACAR builds parking structures in modules. Consequently site work is primarily assembly. Most of the actual construction takes place in our factory which is out of the weather and always under ideal conditions.

Temperature and humidity are always kept within narrow tolerances–not just the temperature of the room but also the temperature of the water and aggregates. This way we can ensure the concrete sets perfectly every time.

The fact is we do everything to make sure the concrete in our modules is harder, impermeable, and longer lasting.

Most concrete suppliers buy aggregate where they get the best deal. We buy aggregate that meets our strict guidelines for size, shape and quality.

Conventional concrete formulae can vary from day to day, even one delivery to the next. In our factory, the highly skilled CANADACAR technicians mix our cement, aggregate, water and additives in a well defined order and formulation.

When concrete is delivered by truck, its formula has to allow for a wide range of time span between the mixing and the pouring at the site. Our technicians assemble, mix and pour our concrete in one smooth continuous operation, under controlled conditions, so it is firm in five minutes and in twenty minutes dries to a hard, impermeable finish.

The quality of our concrete is such that, once assembled in your garage, it does not need a topcoat to help it repel water, oil, gas and other spills. It lasts for years.

Our design also contributes to the long life of CANADACAR.

With no interior columns, our garage floors have a clean sweep and unrestricted drain. There are no puddles of water, no wet piles of leaves and debris to freeze and crack the seams.

CANADACAR Parking Structures are first…to last.



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