Reason Four – Easier for parking and safer for drivers

Conventional parking structures have large concrete interior columns on every floor. Not only are these a visual barrier when cars are entering or exiting the facility, they also form a physical barrier when parking. Every scar on a concrete column in these parking garages means a dent in a car door or side panel.

We have a better idea!

The strength of our floor modules and the sophistication of the CANADACAR design, generates a free span structure, which means there are no internal columns. Our parking structures have a clear line of sight from one end to the other on every floor with no visual or physical barriers. The clear line of sight has several benefits:

Drivers and pedestrians are clearly visible and have a clear line of sight
Criminals and vandals have no place to hide
Parking is easier
Every parking space has room to open all doors
Newton Parking Structures is a member of CPTED Ontario (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and our CANADACAR parking structure addresses all the principles of CPTED as they relate to safety and security in parking garages.

Another benefit that is built right into the modules at the factory is a patterned floor. The floor of our pouring form is designed to give the floor of the parking garage a regular pattern of raised squares. This provides a slip resistant surface for the benefit of all parkers, tires have better traction and the finish also deters skateboarders.



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