Reason One – Much less costly to build

The conventional way to construct a parking garage is entirely on site. Construction involves many trades, a large workforce, and variables from bad weather to traffic jams that stall the process.

We have a better idea!

Construction, for the most part, takes place in our factory which has many benefits including significantly lower cost.

Manufacturing takes place indoors. Weather has no effect on the schedule resulting in no costly delays.
A high degree of automation means a much smaller workforce and a lower payroll resulting in cost savings.
On site work is mainly module assembly.
Our concrete floors are thinner, stronger and more waterproof due to the use of advanced concrete mix formulae resulting in ultra high performance concrete.
Modules are transported in a just-in-time manner to the building site, including during low traffic times if necessary, reducing costly delays waiting for deliveries.
Construction is completed in roughly half the time of traditional methods. And time, as everyone knows, is money. Less time! Less cost!
On the other hand, when construction takes six months instead of a year, your cash flow begins much sooner.
With all these factors considered, cost savings on a CANADACAR parking structure could be as much as 20% compared to conventional construction methods

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