Reason Seven – Bigger inside, smaller outside

The design of conventional parking structures requires 220mm thick floors and heavy structural columns on every floor. These take up a lot of room.

We have a better idea!

The design of the CANADACAR parking structure usually means there are no supporting columns on the interior of the floors. None! This gives a clean sweep from wall to wall on every floor and allows significantly more room for vehicle parking. Incidentally, this also means happier drivers because they can see where they’re going and every car coming toward them. And let’s not forget that every scuff and mark on every column means a dent in someone’s car.

Another benefit to the CANADACAR design is thinner floors. Our floors are generally 105mm which, in a multi-level structure can add up. You might be able to fit one more floor into an existing height limitation. For example, if you’re putting a parking structure under an existing overhang or maintaining overall height of the structure to be less than the 22.0m height restriction set by the Ontario Building Code for fire sprinkler requirements. Although the floor decks are thinner, the compressive concrete strength is about twice as high as the CSA standards.  We know this because we’ve had it tested and certified by an independent third party.

The bottom line: more cars in a smaller space and possibly one more floor means more revenue per square meter.

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