Reason Six – Greater flexibility…we can make it mobile

Conventional parking structures go up and stay up until they start crumbling, or they are taken down before their time due to changes in land use. Either way, the result is a large pile of construction waste.

We have a better idea!

The CANADCAR system provides parking structures that go up in half the time; stay up with a fraction of the maintenance costs; and here’s the best part–they can be disassembled into their original modules almost as quickly as they go up.

That also means they can be reassembled in another location for about half the cost of the original construction!

Instead of vacant land or ground level parking for only five years or so, the CANADACAR gives you a multi level revenue stream, perhaps for only a few years–one that can be easily taken down when the zoning or land use changes and erected again in another location! We can build mobility right into your design.

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