Reason Three – Constructed in half the time

Construction of a conventional parking garage follows a predictable path: design, tender and contract, then the construction begins, all of it on site. Consequently, the start of construction may be delayed by weather. In fact, delays can happen at any time during the process, due to adverse weather conditions.

We have a better idea!

The CANADACAR does its best work when it is part of the design process–right from the initial planning. Our system radically changes conventional thinking and will allow more cars in a smaller area, sometimes more floors in a lower height, and a completely different method of construction. This saves time, money, and other headaches–plus, we can get an earlier start.

As soon as a contract is awarded we can begin production of the pre-engineered modules in our factory, completely protected from the elements. The components can be stored and ready for delivery as soon as the site is prepared.

Even our process takes less time.
With a lean, highly skilled engineering workforce and a great deal of automation, modules are finished very quickly. The quick drying High Performance Concrete speeds things along as well.

On site construction is much faster too.
At the building site, our work is more assembly than construction. Modules are fixed together by skilled erectors, making completion much faster than conventional means. Using the CANADACAR System, Newton Parking Structures can build a 500 space parking garage in half the time compared to conventional poured in place concrete structures.

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