Reason Two – Much less expensive to maintain

In conventional parking structure construction, one of the final steps is a topcoat. This finishing concrete or epoxy layer is required as the concrete slab tends to crack and allows salt or chlorides into the concrete causing the embedded rebar to rust and expand, eventually breaking the concrete. This necessary protective layer covers each floor from end to end. Its effective lifespan is limited. Weather, salt penetration and other stresses take their toll. As a result, every few years the topcoat has to be stripped off entirely, then poured and polished again.

We have a better idea!

The concrete in our modules is assembled, mixed and poured in one smooth, continuous operation at our factory. We have complete control, from the size and quality of the aggregate to the temperature of all ingredients. We control the order of assembly, the amounts, and the timing of additives–and everything is kept within strict limits throughout the entire operation. This fine control means we can use a concrete that hardens in twenty minutes.

The resulting high performance concrete (HPC) has a great many benefits. Important among them is the ability to maintain its integrity for many years. As a result, no topcoat is required on the concrete. The only topcoat the CANADACAR requires is over the seams between the modules. Replacing that minimal amount of topcoat is a fraction of the cost of stripping the entire floor and the resultant inconvenience during that entire process.

In addition, our design gives maintenance a clean sweep from wall to wall on every floor, with no internal columns. The floor can be cleaned more effectively in less time.

Conservative estimates place maintenance costs at $220 per parking space per year for conventional concrete. CANADACAR maintenance is about $14 per space per year. That is a considerable cost savings over the lifespan of the building!

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