Traditionally in the building industry, a condominium or commercial building is conceptualized by the owner who then contracts the architect to develop a design followed by engineering for further design and so on.  Once the building design is completed the owner can request pricing and decide from that point what to do next depending on the outcome of pricing.  If the project proceeds, the owner then needs to deal with constant changes as designs are further developed until the project is complete.  This makes for higher up front risk in funding the project during the feasibility and financing stages.  The costs are difficult to control.

We have a better idea!

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Newton Group Ltd. offers the KIWI CONDO and KIWI COMMERCIAL as an alternative to traditional methods for building your condominium or commercial project.  The entire building is designed to its smallest components including the attachments, nuts and bolts.  Each and every component is designed in detail and accounted for.  The building components are all factory made and pre-assembled into large elements, then shipped to site where they are erected and connected together.  Finishes like drywall, tile, millwork and cladding are added on site so the end product continues to be an architecturally designed custom building with all the advantages that come with a factory made product.

Our latest technology in building systems, KIWI CONDO is a highly engineered, prefabricated state of the art energy efficient building design system.  KIWI CONDO is a building designed for condominiums, apartment buildings and student residences with a focus on low capital cost, high energy efficiency, low running costs, comfortable living and innovative environmental design.

An adapted version is available for office and retail applications. KIWI COMMERCIAL bears the same hallmark feature with focus on low capital cost, high energy efficiency, low running costs, comfortable and innovative environmental design.

Download the KIWI CONDO PDF here

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