Since the inception of the solar FIT program, Newton Group Ltd. has successfully installed in excess of $25 million in solar projects, providing over 15MW of power.

As the movement towards green energy increases, there has never been a better time to turn to solar power. Newton Solar is successful as an Engineer, Procurer, and Constructor (EPC) of solar panel solutions and is highly regarded in the sector as a “go-to” source. Our solutions offer the most recent technology in industrial and commercial construction, as we continually work to ensure our solar panels are energy efficient and provide cost savings. We have worked with Toronto Hydro, the City of Toronto, City of Windsor, City of Greater Sudbury, Orillia Power, Metrolinx and many more companies, delivering both Feed in Tariff (FIT) and net metering solutions of solar. 

Newton Solar assists clients in making a smart decision in designing the best solar system for roof or ground mount installation. Whether the target is to lower the client's monthly bill or a Feed in Tariff system, Newton Solar will deliver the best solution. We walk clients through the process of assessing their proposed structure or allocated ground. Our in-house experienced structural and civil engineers assess structural integrity and our electrical engineers assess electrical connectivity. Once capacity is determined by confirming structure and electrical connection feasibility, the project continues as follows:

  1. Perform a final structural review of the structure
  2. Apply for a building permit on the client's behalf 
  3. Procure equipment such as switch gear and panels etc
  4. Install the system using best installation practice
  5. Test and commission the system using latest test equipment
  6. Train the client's personnel and hand the system over

Newton Solar is committed to designing and building robust renewable energy systems. 

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