Parking Structures

University of Windsor Parking Structure

University of Windsor Parking Structure

Newton Parking Structures was awarded this design-build project from the University of Windsor on a predetermined, not to exceed budget. In addition to value for money, the project had to contribute to a vibrant student environment, become the best functional solution with complementary services and amenities, enhance the University’s role in developing the surrounding community, make the most efficient use of land and support the development of the campus master plan. Other important requirements were the ease and speed of implementation, long term sustainability and low running cost of the asset.

Deliverables included a minimum of 700 up to a maximum of 1,000 parking stalls in a multi-story parking structure. Additional requirements included complete site redevelopment from an existing parking lot and an Innovation Building of minimum 39,000sf.

The two storey Innovation Building accommodates ground floor space for offices, a financial institution, a café with a courtyard, parking services and campus community police. The second floor provides an Accelerator Centre for offices or workstations in early stage companies with meeting rooms, networking areas or receptions and conferences. Newton Parking Structures was tasked with the construction of a 295,000sf parking structure and the 40,000sf Innovation Centre on two levels including green roofs which are located on the wing verandah roofs and are set on a slope.

The parking structure was built using the prefabricated CANADACAR System and accommodates 1,055 vehicles. 20 parking stalls equipped for charging electric vehicles, accessible parking accommodates 18 vehicles and covered bike racks are installed for 70 bicycles. In total, there are seven levels of parking.

A pedestrian bridge located on the second storey of the Innovation Centre connects the two buildings. Dr. Alan Wildeman, President and Vice Chancellor of the University commented, “One of the important safety features of the parking structure design is the use of wide open space; you can see from one end to the other without any columns.”


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