Yukon Inc.

Yukon Inc.

This design build project was awarded to Newton Group Ltd. on October 1st 2012 with a fast track schedule to design and build the project with a completion deadline of February 1st 2013.

The scope of the project included the design and build of a 3,200 square foot 60’ high addition onto an existing refinery building including the installation of process piping, tanks and equipment used to extract silver. The addition was built on two levels and allowed the associated cyanide leach tanks to operate with filters, cyanide destruction cells and chemical storage tanks necessary for the silver refinery plant to be within its own self contained area.  This project was built during the winter months in Northern Ontario where temperatures reached -40°C without the wind chill factored in.  To mitigate uncontrollable delays to the schedule due to the weather, the entire second floor containment area including floors, curbs and housekeeping pads were pre casted of ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) designed to contain spills and resist the harsh chemical environment.  These concrete elements were fabricated in our own plant in Guelph and erected by our crew.  This allowed the project construction schedule of only three months to be met with no delays regardless of the inclement weather.

The foundation consisted of poured in place concrete; above ground structure was steel columns and beams; steel cladding; main floor poured in place slab on grade with pre casted UHPC housekeeping pads.  To further speed the schedule, the structural steel and all miscellaneous metals were fabricated at our own steel fabrication shop and erected by our own forces.  The project was completed on time including the installation of a 5 ton overhead crane, which was a late change order one month into the design, installed under the roof to move and remove equipment from the second floor process area.

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