Linergy Manufacturing


Linergy Manufacturing was a 5 month project that utilized Heliene monocrystalline modules and the hB Solar Vicerack mounting system. Twenty five Kaco XP10-H6 inverters were utilized to control the system output. The pre-engineered steel roof building required reinforcements to the roof purlin system to support the additional weight of the solar installation on the 2.5 degree sloping roof. This configuration was chosen for this particular site due to the following site and product characteristics:

Utilization of the Vicerack mounting system that clipped to the standing seam metal roof with no penetrations greatly reduced the amount of required reinforcement from other possible systems.
The panels were mounted to face due south, or 45 degrees in relation to the building envelope. The mounting system used a 20 degree angle on the positive slope, and 25 degrees on the negative slope such that the entire system was at 22.5 degrees to the horizon.
The inverter configuration allowed for mounting on an exterior wall close to the solar array, minimizing DC wire losses in an easily serviced format. The high efficiency Kaco inverters with 600VAC output also reduced AC losses and wire sizes. Separate inverters also provide a reduction in snow, shading and soiling affects as well as enhanced monitoring levels of string level performance.

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