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Championing Safety with Jersey of Courage

March 27, 2018

On Friday, March 23rd, Newton Group Ltd. held its Annual All Staff Safety Meeting.


On Friday, March 23rd, Newton Group Ltd. held its Annual All Staff Safety Meeting. We were pleased to welcome some special guests to this year's event: 

  • Rob Ellis (Founder, MySafeWork and member of the League of Champions)

  • Andrea George (Program Coordinator, MySafeWork)

  • Clive Thurston (President, OGCA and member of the League of Champions)

  • David Frame (Director of Government Relations, OGCA) 

Rob Ellis introduced the audience to his non-profit organization, MySafeWork, after sharing his story surrounding the loss of his 18 year-old son due to a workplace accident. Using his story as a cautionary tale, Ellis delivered a talk highlighting the importance of workplace safety and began a discussion surrounding the current generational shift in workplace values. He affirmed the wants and needs of millennials in the workplace, placing an emphasis on family, coaching, communication and safety as primary values. 

The audience additionally heard from David Frame, who introduced Safety Pass, a new health and safety orientation software developed in conjunction with the OGCA. Both of these platforms demonstrate the industry's commitment to creating safer workplaces. 

It was an honour to have our President, Ed Newton, be presented with the Jersey of Courage by Rob Ellis and Clive Thurston. Rob Ellis and his team have brought the Jersey of Courage to countless events across the country. It has been signed by thousands of health and safety champions in many sectors, including construction. Following the presentation of the Jersey of Courage, we were so proud to recognize some of our very own safety champions. 

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Safety Awards: Gary Maier and Gerald Hamilton. These two individuals continually pay homage to safety at Newton Group and Kiwi Constructors Ltd., and were very much deserving of this year's awards. To find out how you can take the pledge to oppose unsafe work, click on the following link. Special thanks to Natasha Thurston Creations for the below photos.

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