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How is climate change affecting the construction industry?

March, 18, 2013

More storms; more extreme temperatures; hotter summers and colder winters. 


Weather always has a bearing on construction. Poor weather causes delays in construction which ultimately adds to the cost. 

High temperatures cause concrete to take longer to cure…that lengthens the schedule which increases the cost. We HAVE to slow down climate change. Not only is the cost to the environment unacceptable, but it costs all of us in so many other ways. When the cost of a construction project goes up, that cost is passed on down the line to the consumer….you and me…. We all need to reduce our impact on the environment. 

We all have to reduce the waste of our natural resources and we must find more cost efficient ways of construction. Here, at the Newton Group, we build using prefabricated elements…there is no waste out on the construction site. We rinse all our water in our concrete plant and re-use it for other purposes. We are concerned about the environment. We worry for our children’s future on this planet. What are YOU doing to reduce your carbon footprint? 

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