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How long does it take to build a parking structure?

February 09, 2018

While the average conventional poured-in-place concrete parking structure can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months (and sometimes even longer) to build, our prefabricated CANADACAR Parking Structure System can be constructed in half the time. 


The unique CANADACAR Parking Structure System offers a faster build due to the production of the pre-engineered modules in our precast plant, our process and on-site construction methods. This allows for the structure to be constructed significantly faster than traditional parking garages, which normally follow the on-site design, tender, contract and construction method. 

The factors outlined below allow for us to build a 500 space parking garage in half the time. 

  1. Prefabricated Concrete Construction of the CANADACAR Parking Structure System takes place at our 30,000sf precast plant, which uses proprietary mix designs for the manufacturing of our high performance precast concrete products. This results ideal conditions 

  2. The plant has an exceptional high quality control system, most of which can be operated remotely. The plant additionally allows for the safe storage of our products, while ensuring and maintaining accuracy and consistency. 

  3. On-Site Construction Methods Our construction process involves having all prefabricated materials delivered to site where they are then erected. 

The shortened construction schedule of our product comes with many benefits, including cost efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and greater flexibility.

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