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How safe is your parking structure?


You’ve done everything you could–painted the walls a light colour to reflect light into the spaces; added more lighting; installed CCTVs. 

But people still don’t feel safe—there are hiding places behind those giant concrete columns; there are walls at the ramps—what’s hiding up there? 

Vehicles and pedestrians can’t see each other around the obstacles. Even the CCTVs have areas that are blocked. Why not design safer parking structures to begin with, rather than trying to fix them once they’re up. It’s all about the design. 


Why not design them with a clear line of sight from one end to the other? No obstacles for the CCTVs and ramps where drivers and pedestrians can clearly see each other. That’s where we come in….our CANADACAR Parking Structure is the answer. There are no giant concrete columns in the interior. The decks are open to view and sunlight floods the parking decks. There are no visual obstacles at the ramps; no walls between parking spaces. So much safer for your clientele; they can see from one end to the other with no obstacles. 

Doesn’t designing it right BEFORE it’s constructed make more sense? We think so.

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