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Project Details

Completion Date

October 2011

Contract Type

Design Build



Number of Spaces



Steel & Precast Deck Plates

Gross Floor Area

138,565 sf


Tacoma Engineers Inc.


Robin Clark Architect


Crossey Engineering Ltd.


Crossey Engineering Ltd


Centennial GO Station


This 7.5 multi-level above ground parking structure was constructed using the CANADACAR System. A pre-engineered modular concrete structure consisting of open decks with 450 free span parking spaces. The decks are constructed of High Performance Concrete (HPC) precast with no topping except at the joints, thereby reducing maintenance costs for the Owner.

Newton Group worked as the Design-Builder for the Parking Structure at the Centennial GO station in Markham for Metrolinx. The parking structure was part of a larger project managed by Sims Moelich Associates Ltd. 

Design considerations included clear sightlines, bright lighting, clear span structure without internal columns, slip resistant floors. Safety and security are inherently designed into the system for the benefit of all users and follows the CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) standards. 

The 7.5 multi-level parking structure was constructed using the CANADACAR System. Using a split level layout, each bay is half of floor higher than the previous. This efficient design uses the drive aisle between bays to ramp up the half level. Therefore no full dedicated ramps are required. 

The modules for the structure were 18m and the facade consisted of thin in-lay brick in precast concrete. Stairwells were encased in glazing. All the structural steel was hotdipped galvanized beams and columns. The CANADACAR system is the first of its kind in North America however is backed by over 30 years of experience in Europe.

Project Location



Centennial GO Station

"Newton Parking Structures used their CANADACAR system for this project. This unique system allows for an open structure, free of columns and obstructions for a higher level of passenger security. It also includes a ‘white roof’ to mitigate the heat island effect. From a business perspective, Newton’s system is also cost-effective. It helped GO achieve significant capital cost savings and with a highly competitive life span, maintenance costs are reduced.

GO is pleased with this steel framed precast structure for its functionality, cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance."

Suganthi Kathiravelu-Lem

Project Manger

GO Transit


Project Gallery

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