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Project Details


Design Phase

Contract Type



TerraView Homes

Structural System


Gross Floor Area

24,200 sf

Foot Print

6,300 sf

Building Height

4 Storeys

General Contractor

Kiwi Newton


Fryett Turner Architects Inc.


NiMa Trails - 127


This four-storey condominium project is constructed of the KiwiCondoCommercial Building System, which uses solid precast concrete walls, roof and floors. The exterior walls consists of precast concrete, with a continuous insulation layer on the outside of the precast walls. Keeping the building thermally broken from the outside allows the interior structural concrete mass to provide thermal resilience to help level the peaks and valleys of temperatures during the day.

In addition, the project uses photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the building and parking structure, thermal solar panels for DHW (Domestic Hot Water) requirements, in-floor heating and cooling with geothermal ground loops taking advantage of the site’s ground water and natural surroundings.

This project is jointly brought forward by Developer Terra View Homes and Kiwi Newton, the  Design Builder and Manufacturer.

The NiMa Trails condominium project is planned to be 1 of 15 projects in the CaGBC (Canadian Green Building Council) pilot program. The project is one of the only residential projects in the pilot program which will be a great case study for the CaGBC as the energy targets the project is aiming for are very high. The Zero Carbon Building Standard will take into account things like the life cycle of a building, what the building is made out of, the carbon emissions that result from manufacturing those materials, renewable energy produced on-site, as well as renewable energy procured offsite

The NiMA Trails project includes:

  • Photovoltaic Solar Power system on roof, carport and parking structure total 160 KWp

  • Thermal solar panels for hot water supply

  • Geothermal grid and heat pumps for hot and cold water energy source

  • Hydronic In floor heating and cooling system plus in suite individual ERVs and dehumidifier

  • In floor heating and cooling using hydronic is more efficient than pushing hot air for heating and cooling due to energy draw on fan capacity.

  • Thermally engaged building

  • Concrete mass walls 200mm thick plus concrete floors and roof inside with all of this mass thermally broken to the exterior behind R25 rigid wall insulation on the exterior.

  • Thermal insulated concrete mass gives 8% more energy efficiency due to levelling peaks and valleys of temperatures during the day and from day to day.

  • Building has resilience enough to keep it warm for 7 days during winter with no heat.

  • All balconies and connections to the exterior are thermally broken.  All framing thermally broken connected only using SS screws.

  • Thermally broken triple glazed high performance window systems.

  • Economically Priced.  Commercial condo project for sale.

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