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Project Details

Completion Date

Spring 2014

Contract Type


Number of Spaces



Steel + Precast Concrete

Structural System


Gross Floor Area

Garage: 295,000 sf

Innovation Centre: 40,000 sf

General Contractor

Newton Group Ltd.


Tacoma Engineers Inc.


MMMC Inc. Architects


University of Windsor


Newton Group was the Design-Builder on the this project which
contained a 40,000 square foot Innovation Centre and a 1,055 stall
parking structure for the University of Windsor. The project was
awarded on a predetermined, not to exceed budget. In addition to a
cost-efficient design, the project had to contribute to a vibrant student
environment, provide functional and contemporary amenities,
enhance the University’s role in the community, and support the
campus master plan. Other important requirements were the ease
and speed of implementation, long term sustainability and low running
cost of the asset.

The project included building the two level Innovation Centre, including green roofs on the sloped wing verandas. The building accommodates ground floor space for offices, a financial institution, a café, courtyard, Parking Services and Campus Community Police. The second floor provides an Accelerator Centre for start-up companies providing offices, meeting rooms, and networking areas. A nine meter pedestrian bridge located on the second storey of the Innovation Centre connects to the parking structure across the landscaped courtyard. The building is climate controlled with a Variable Air Volume system utilizing a central steam system converted to hot water for energy efficient heating. 

The parking structure, which was built using the CANADACAR Parking Structure Building System, incorporates three bays, each slightly sloped to eliminate the need for dedicated ramps making the building very efficient in both space and cost. Inside the structure there are 20 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, 18 fully accessible spaces, and bicycle racks capable of storing 70 bicycles.

Newton Group maneuvered several challenges on the project, including an altered foundation design to avoid an underground utility tunnel which ran diagonally across the entire site. Newton Group used strategically drilled caissons to span the foundations overtop of the underlying utilities. The compact site boundary required an efficient construction plan with the cranes erecting the full building height every three gridlines to limit the crane reach. 

Included in the contract was site development, site servicing, relocation of main gas utility, demolition, a 700 m3 storm water retention cistern and water recycling system for landscape irrigation. All approvals were obtained from Windsor Building Department.

Project Location



University of Windsor

“One of the important safety features of the parking structure design is the use of wide open space; you can see from one end to the other without any columns.”

Dr. Alan Wildeman

President and Vice Chancellor

University of Windsor


2014 Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Awards

American Galvanizers Association (AGA)

No Future Maintenance, which hot-dip galvanizing can provide due to its durability, is what sold the college. When a parking garage is built in a high-traffic area such as a college campus, it is nearly impossible to find a time to shut it down for repairs, especially when it can be avoided.


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