Project Details

Contract Type


Number of Spaces



Steel + Precast Concrete

Structural System


Gross Floor Area

156,397 sf

General Contractor

Newton Group Ltd.


Thornton Tomasetti


Thornton Tomasetti


Hammerschlag + Joffe Inc.


Hammerschlag + Joffe Inc.


Weins Canada


Newton Group Ltd. was the Design-Builder for Weins Canada to provide a four-level parking structure capable of housing 541 parking spaces. The structure was designed and built with the future in mind. The columns and foundations are structurally designed to allow for an additional four suspended levels to be added to the structure at a future date. Bracing for the building has been installed based upon the current four-level structure, however simple bracing connections have been allowed for in the future. The structure houses 108 Electric Vehicle (EV) parking spaces, with the ability to add another 433 EV chargers in the future.

Weins Canada operates 15 Auto Dealerships across Ontario, employing over 1,500 people group-wide, and selling over 25,000 vehicles per year. With growing spatial constraints at their head office in Markham, Weins Canada required a solution to their growth. Weins Canada required additional space to build a new office building and was facing challenges with parking for customers and staff, in addition to all of the vehicles they have on site for their inventory. After considering renting empty lots up to 30 minutes away and mechanical car stacking solutions, the answer became clear that expanding vertically was a viable option.

Weins Canada was able to consolidate employee parking from one of their parking lots and place it into a parking structure with a much smaller footprint. This freed up enough of their land to build the office building and the parking structure. This is a great example showing how Auto Dealers can Grow-In-Place by storing their vehicles in an above grade parking structure, enhancing the customer experience and regaining some of their valuable land. Storing the vehicles in the structure keeps them secure, covered from the elements, and easily accessible for both staff and customers.

The Turn-Key Design-Build process implemented by Newton Group Ltd. ensured that every square foot was optimized. The Weins Canada structure houses employee parking spaces and inventory storage, all of which allow for more inventory to be stored on site.

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