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The Kiwi Building System Methodology

A Building System is a predefined approach to designing and constructing a particular type of building.

Having a well established, vetted and predefined process expedites the design phase and allows a project to use a proven approach which has already undergone intense iteration to ensure Optimal Building Performance in regards to both cost and function.

Kiwi Newton Group currently has three building systems: 


  1. The CANADACAR Building System for Parking Structures

  2. The KiwiCondo/Commercial Building System for Multi-Residential and Commercial Office Buildings. 

  3. The Newton Bridge System

Prefabrication and Building Systems

Prefabrication allows Kiwi Newton to have full control of the production schedule and to adapt and react to changes that may occur throughout construction. The systematic manufacturing process is completed indoors with constant working conditions leading to consistent quality and dimensional accuracy. 

Kiwi Newton is not only the manufacturer of these components but is a full General Contractor who will deliver the complete Turn-Key project (Design, Engineering, Foundations, Electrical, Mechanical, Facade, etc.).Kiwi Newton has just invested in expanding their production facility with automated equipment coming from Germany to better supply their Building System methodology. 

Kiwi Newton envisions the efficiencies of the Manufacturing industry for the Construction Industry. Having a predefined approach allows Kiwi Newton to invest in prefabrication techniques for producing integrated steel and precast building elements to further enhance their Building System approach to construction.

Prefabrication allows for full schedule control
Prefabrication plant in Guelph, Ontario
Prefabricated parts are shipped to site ready to go.

Standard Approach, Custom Design

Standardization removes inefficiencies in the overall process. When a certain design, detail or concept becomes "standard" it has gone through rigorous trials and testing to make sure that it has been vetted for optimal performance. 

When Kiwi Newton integrates Prefabrication and Modular Construction, a true Building System takes shape with standard details, standard processes, and standard parts - all while still allowing for an overall customized design.

The Methodology

The Kiwi Newton approach to the construction process is different from the traditional project delivery method. Typically an owner will relay a set of needs and specifications to an Architect who will develop an architectural design and then find a General Contractor to build it. The General Contractor will then need to find a list of sub contractors for the design of Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Building Envelope components. 

Kiwi Newton integrates the design and delivery! Kiwi Newton brings all of the elements to the table from the beginning to ensure that every piece of the design works together in the most effective way. This Full Process Optimization and Integration leads to Kiwi Newton's ability to achieve cost effective Optimal Building Performance. 

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