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CANADACAR Information Brochure

The CANADACAR Information brochure is a downloadable PDF document which further elaborates on the Building System, the benefits and details.  



CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

At the core of the CANADACAR Parking Structure System lies the 
principles of CPTED design. The typical parking structure has been 
reimagined and reconfigured to promote the utmost standards 
of safety for drivers and pedestrians.

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Newton Solar Brochure

Newton Group Ltd. has a wide range of experience with solar projects in regards to the facilities themselves and the systems installed. At Newton Group Ltd. we offer the most recent technology in industrial and commercial solar solutions. We have strong relationships with all suppliers, however we are not obligated to use a specific product for all installations. As an Engineer, Procurer, Constructor (EPC) of solar installations, we know that one system is not suitable for all projects. 

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