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25 Years at Newton Group!


What motivates an employee to stay with a company? With employment diversity what it is today, there are more choices than ever for career opportunities. The length of time spent at a job averages between 2 – 8 years depending on age (according to, Oct. 2021 stats), so the concept of a tenured employee reaching the 25-year milestone is something to be celebrated!

In this era of job-hopping, for some, it seems like more of a pipe dream than reality, but for John, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary at Kiwi Newton Group, it is a reality. Throughout the company, John is more than the employee, the estimator, the carpenter, the fixer, the leader, the mentor, the friend here at Newton Group, John is

something of a legend. John joined the company as a Site Superintendent on March 11, 1997, and according to those involved, to say he was a “good hire” is an understatement. His smart, honest, forthright personality has made him a natural leader whom everyone can attest, above all, “knows his stuff.”

In 1997, we were much smaller than today, and John has been an integral part of that growth. John has grown with the company, who has been the Project Management of many successful builds, and now oversees the entire Small Projects Division. Through John’s leadership, he has grown the division while keeping his workers safe, clients happy, and his team working together towards the common goal.  

John has always been someone the company, his colleagues, team, and clients have been able to count on to share his knowledge truthfully and with the utmost integrity. His opinion is sought after daily and is counted on as his track record for making good, well thought out, savvy choices speak on their own. He has represented this firm for 25 years with exceptional dignity and the utmost decorum.  Newton Group’s President and CEO shared his thoughts on John’s milestone achievement; “he is a great practical project manager coming from the field as a site


super when he started then onto project management then estimating the projects he manages and running a division” he continues, “his experience from the field to the office and his integrity, determination and careful attention to costs and the business side have served him and the company very well, thankyou John for those 25 years of service.”

We must take a moment and acknowledge that John is a family man, first and foremost. Together with his wife Diana, they have raised not one, but three daughters and a sweet Doodle named Molly. When John is not working, he spends his time with his grandson, golfing (lots of golf), playing basketball, or spending time at his cottage with his family.

We want to take this opportunity to honour John Endicott and thank him for his 25 years of selfless service to our firm, our builds, our mission, his team, and the health and safety of all. John continues to earn the respect, trust, and admiration of everyone who has the distinct pleasure of interacting with him – here is to the next 25 years and beyond!

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