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Taking the Lead


Striving for professional growth to evolve and expand in a role you enjoy is essential at Newton Group and encourage our team to reach their career goals. As a company specializing in unique precast concrete building systems, it is not a surprise that concrete finishers are important positions here at Newton Group.

Five years ago, Andrew began his career journey with Newton Group as a Concrete Finisher, where he worked on precast concrete walls, plates, and other products. Having previous concrete experience on a residential level, Andrew came to the company with the foundation to excel, now working with concrete on a larger scale. Thriving in a fast-paced environment, Andrew has enjoyed the

opportunity to learn to operate and maintain the automated technology used in the precast plant and crane work.


It was clear right from the start that Andrew could carry out the duties of his role and as he grew into the position, his leadership also became apparent. With his dedication never waiving, it was no surprise when he was promoted to Precast Shop Supervisor earlier this year. When asked, Phil, Andrew’s direct manager, shared: “Andrew has grown so much as an employee. He always had the skills to build our product and is an expert concrete finisher,” Phil continues, “but his main growth has been on the supervision side of his most recent duties.”

Today, Andrew focuses on managing people and a demanding workload effectively and efficiently. He encourages those coming on board at Newton Group to work hard and find joy in what they do. Andrew’s patience and ability to understand that it takes a team to be successful will undoubtedly help him as he rises to the challenge of his new role.


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