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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

In July 2021, the design for the Canderel parking structure was complete and approved, located at 3500 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, with construction successfully beginning on August 05, 2021. This 5-storey structure with a mesh guard railing, and 829 parking spaces also includes a breezeway structure connecting the parking structure into the existing pedestrian walkway.

Designed for the purpose of alleviating parking shortages experienced by tenants of the office complex, this structure will eliminate the need for valet service which is used to shuttle employees who park offsite.

The team at Newton Group Ltd., with their suspended steel structure, precast deck plates for parking stall foundation, designed a solution elegant and efficient in layout with the CANADACAR system, a unique modular structure design, and are currently working towards expediting production and delivery.

With the goal completion date scheduled for mid-September 2022, things are on track for positive delivery despite the challenges arising due to the pandemic. Worker shortages, a common issue within the industry right now, the team spearheading this project relied heavily on their industry connections for good workers in order to be able to meet timelines. Another challenge has involved shortages in obtaining the necessary materials. However, because Newton Group Ltd. prefabricates all production materials in-house, it allowed the team to avoid unnecessary delays and find suitable temporary solutions in the meantime. This solution-oriented team has consistently been able to deliver on all fronts, despite any challenges faced.

Hikmet Nazir, the Project Manager for this structure, has a background in architecture and despite the above-mentioned challenges with this project, has enjoyed the process of watching this structure being built. His team, consisting of Nigel and Ruslan taking on the role of Project Co-ordinator, Latif as Site Supervisor, and Philip as Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing Manager, all play a key role in this project’s continued success.

Once complete, this structure will have two stair towers, an elevator and lobby and use a ventilated glass façade on the exterior walls and promises to be both highly efficient and visually stunning.

Stay tuned for updates on this project!


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