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Proudly providing turn-key solutions for all your development needs!

Newton Group Ltd. employs in-house structural engineers, architects, shop drawing detailers, project managers, estimators, site superintendents, carpenters, labourers, solar technicians, electrical engineers, fitter welders, plumbers, HVAC specialists, project coordinators, safety administrators, logistics managers, shipping and product handlers, HR specialists, equipment operators, erectors, general administration, accounting, and marketing personnel. Our entire culture embraces new technologies and is very excited about the future to bring forth great buildings for our customers. 

We believe in advancing construction techniques with technology and innovation while maintaining a high degree of integrity in all projects taken on by the Newton Group, a core commitment we make to all our clients. Where Innovation, Technology, and Integrity Come Together, providing cost control, quality, and reliability for our clients.

It is because of our approach to all projects, we are able to customize to suit the individual needs of all our clients.  


Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project!

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