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General Contractors Proudly Serving the Community

Since 1994, Kiwi Newton Group has expanded from a small general contractor working out of the back of a truck on projects throughout Europe to a fully integrated general contractor specializing in Design-Build construction contracts using prefabricated building systems. While we often focus on state-of-the-art building systems like the CANADACAR and KiwiCondo/Commercial systems, Newton Group is a trusted ICI General Contractor capable of working throughout Canada and the United States.

Over the years, as general contractors, Newton Group Ltd. has successfully completed projects in healthcare and long-term care facilities, schools, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, and office buildings, to name a few. By specializing in Design+Prefab+Build construction methods, the company has advanced its construction techniques through a systematic approach in an effort to offer clients a ‘one source’ solutions for all of their construction projects. so while we continue to grow our building system capabilities, they remain just some of the services we offer as a premier ICI General Contractor.

Many of these projects now go through our Small Projects Department. While the department has the name “small” in it, the projects the department completes are far it! Over the years, they have completed numerous projects across the City of Guelph, much of which have shaped the landscape of the city itself. From expanding the production capacity for Linamar’s iHub facility to outfitting the COVID Emergency Triage trailer with mechanical and electrical capabilities for the Guelph General Hospital during the start of the pandemic. The Small Project team has also built x-ray facilities and trauma rooms, schools, and offices within the community and surrounding area.

The Small Projects department focuses its efforts on more intricate projects, often involving modifications or additions to existing structures. In manufacturing, they have provided the bases for automatized robots. During production, these robots can vibrate and exert huge forces on the ground, and the Small Project team will work with the precise engineered drawings and specification to saw cut the floor, excavate, place rebar and complex formwork and pour a separate foundation ensuring equipment forces are absorbed and isolated from the floor to provide years of stable operation. Projects like this have an intricate concrete forming work, which the team finds rewarding in its challenges.

Newton Group is proud of the work completed by the Small Projects department and its team of highly skilled individuals. The team continues to help clients with their general contracting and project management needs, proudly serving this community.


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