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What is the CANADACAR Parking Structure System?

It is a modular, steel, and precast Building System tailored for above-grade parking structures, garages, and/or parkades.

How much does a parking structure cost?

Use our Parking Structure Budget Price Calculator

Prefabricated Parking Structure System

Kiwi Newton manufactures and constructs a modular Building System for above grade parking structures. Our CANADACAR Parking Structure System is an engineered and prefabricated building system that utilizes the most advanced and innovative techniques of construction resulting in long span and column-free parking bays. This durable and cost-effective design has been used across Europe for over 25 years.

Trusted European Design
Manufactured for North America

The CANADACAR Parking Structure System is a fully integrated  solution that operates on functionality and adaptability. At  Newton Group Ltd., our involvement with a project can begin at  any stage: site identification and acquisition, concept design,  estimating and lifecycle costing, design development and detail  design, all the way through to prefabrication and construction.  Our mandate is to provide clients with ‘one source’ solutions for  all of their parking needs. Through streamlined and flexible project  management capabilities, we are able to minimize the amount of  touchpoints throughout a project, from inception to completion.




Cost Efficient

Less expensive to construct than poured in place concrete and other precast options.


Reduced Maintenance

Maintenance costs are 90% lower than conventional parking structures. This is because we do not require the epoxy topping that other structures do.



An innovative design incorporates concrete floor panels that are thinner than conventional decks. This means that fewer resources are needed during production than a conventional parking structure, and the design can fit in more levels.


Accelerated Construction

Can be constructed in less time compared to poured in place



Galvanized steel and ultra-high performance concrete leads to incredible durability. These structures are estimated to last 100 years. 


​Open Span

Does not have interior support columns, providing safety and security for the users.

How is it Different?

The CANADACAR system uses prefabrication to provide cost savings, schedule savings, and a better-quality end result. 

The system uses hot-dipped galvanized steel columns and beams to support a specialized precast concrete panel. The steel and precast form a composite beam allowing for a column free span. 

One of the major differences is in the reduced maintenance costs. Typical parking structures require a topping membrane over the entire drive area to prevent salts and water from penetrating the concrete and causing issues with the rebar. This membrane typically needs to be stripped and replaced every 5-6 years. This incurs the cost to replace it, but will also require the garage to be out of service while doing so. The CANADACAR System only requires this topping on the joints between panels, which equates to roughly 7-10% of drive surface area. This is possible due to the special concrete mix design used by Kiwi Newton to create the precast panels. This results in roughly 90% less maintenance cost compared to a typical parking structure. 

Both the steel fabrication and precast concrete manufacturing occurs in Kiwi Newton Group’s facilities at their head office in Guelph Ontario. 

Project Types

The Parking Solution 

The CANADACAR Parking Structure Building System is perfect for: 

Our garages are perfect for college and university campuse


Colleges and Universities have the ability to "buy back" their own land by consolidating their vast parking lots into one central location by building a parking structure. This will free up developable land to allow the campus to grow. This is exactly what was done at The University of Windsor and Humber College

Auto dealerships benefit from CANADACAR parking gargage system, allowing them to hold more inventory and make more sales.

Auto Dealers

The CANADACAR Building System is ideal for inventory storage or employee parking for Auto Dealerships. The column free open spans allow for natural light to enter into building and maintains clear line-of-sight throughout each parking bay. The more cars that you can store on your property the more inventory you can turnover in a given year.

Storing your inventory inside a structure protects the vehicles from vandals and adverse weather, while also protecting customers who want to look around on a rainy day. 

As a General Contractor, Newton Group Ltd. can manage the entire process including the preliminary items such as: ​​

  • Zoning and Setback Determination

  • Site Surveying and Topography

  • Geotechnical and Soil Reports

  • Site Plan Design for Site Plan Approval

NAMHAF photo.jpg


Similar to the Campuses above, Hospitals and Health Centres are typically situated in areas of the city where they have become land-locked due to the growth of the residential areas that surround the campus. In order for the hospital to grow it can either look at satellite locations or they can "buy back" their own land which is being used for surface parking lots. By consolidating all of the parking into one location with multiple levels, the hospital can now expand on its' current property. The parking structure can be located in a central location with pedestrian bridges connecting to main buildings. It also offers covered parking which is safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about the CANADACAR CPTED process and to see how user comfort and safety is inherent in the Building System design. 

We are experienced working on municipal and commercial projects. Our CANADACAR parking garages are able to adapt to suite clients needs.

Municipal and Commercial

Whether a parking structure is meant for public or private uses, the CANADACAR Parking Structure Building System can be adapted to include whatever the project requires. Elevators, bike storage, parking inventory counters, ground floor retail or other commercial spaces, the system is designed with enough flexibility to meet the needs of your project. 



Parking around busy airports is always a premium. A conveniently located parking structure can alleviate travelers anxiety about finding a parking space and making it to their gate on time. When they return they know that their vehicle is safely parked in a secure parking structure protected from the elements. 

Contact Us

Whatever your parking needs, Kiwi Newton Group's CANADACAR Parking Structure System is versatile and and technologically advanced to customize to suit your specific projects, from sizing to security, we cover it all.

Contact our team today to learn more about CANADACAR, and how our system can solve all your parking needs! 


Or email us directly at

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