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What's in a name? Kiwi Newton Group

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Kiwi - A bird, native to New Zealand, best known for its ability to adapt to their environment.

Kiwis- People from New Zealand

The Kiwi in Kiwi Newton Group reflects the adaptable Kiwi bird and the owners place of birth and upbringing in the nation New Zealand located in the South Pacific Ocean. Growing up on the land and starting off as a career in farming has given the Kiwi Newton Group Owner a natural sense of conservation. In fact the Kiwi name goes deeper. When thinking about what a vertically integrated general contractor is all about, the kiwi bird is likely not what initially comes to mind but is fundamentally the core of who Kiwi Newton Group is.

Ambiguity and uncertainty are a constant in today’s environment, new technology and the needs of clients are always evolving. The ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment has never been more important. Beyond being an iconic symbol for the country, Kiwi’s are one of the most adaptive creatures in the world which has allowed them to survive for hundreds of years. Adaptability allows one to go beyond perceived boundaries and find unexpected solutions to a challenge. Any leader will agree, without the ability to adapt, it will be impossible to reach their full potential. Behavioral adaptations are learned or inherited behaviors that ensure not only survival but the ability to thrive. The Kiwi bird, for example, continues to thrive in an ever-evolving world and environment. Adapting to thrive in a huge range of habitats – from native forest and scrub to rough farmland and plantation forests, sand dunes and snowy tussocks, even mangroves. Adaptation in construction can be defined as an intervention to adjust any work done on a building above the intention of maintenance that brings changes in the capacity, the function, and the performance of the building.

For Kiwi Newton Group, adapting means trailblazing into the new and constantly changing world of environmental sustainability with smart engineering, systems, and thinking, to reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings they create. Sustainable construction helps everyone win, it improves the health of the people who use the building, and the energy that can be created through the use of solar can offset other building costs, saving the owner money. By utilizing prefabricated parts, it lowers the risk of onsite injuries for workers, while also using fewer resources in the manufacturing stage which provides clients the opportunity to gain points in the LEED system for their buildings. It is Kiwi Newton Group’s ability to adapt that has shaped this one-source development solution through vertically integrated services, a process not widely adopted yet in North America.

Those who adapt are not afraid to analyze a situation and see the bigger picture. For this reason, the kiwi bird is also known as an indicator species for conservation and are often used to measure the state of the country’s natural environment. It is Kiwi Newton Group’s ability to adapt to see the larger picture that it has developed state of the art technology and systems that challenge the way building development is done and what is possible.

It’s our name, our logo, and is a fundamental belief held at the core of Kiwi Newton Group. Adaptability. Adapting to technology, circumstance, and environment, true success comes from the ability to adapt in every situation. As true leaders, Kiwi Newton Group is committed to continuing to adapt to stay at the forefront of technology with the goal of creating beautiful structures that are sustainable, utilizing green alternative energy, while lowering the carbon footprint.


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