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The Mechanical Department is Making Their Mark Across Guelph

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Newton Group Ltd. is proud of the fact we offer full turn-key services but in order to be able to provide this, it takes a leader to assemble a strong team of skilled professionals. Through committed mentoring, training, and the understanding that nothing less than excellence will be acceptable, has led the Mechanical Department at Newton Group Ltd. to true success. With the expertise of the Mechanical Department, currently comprised of 3 licensed plumbers, 2 licensed sheet metal mechanics and 2 apprentices, they have helped Newton Group Ltd. reach true project success. Projects like the Humber College North Campus Parking Structure, Heffner Toyota, iHub and various other Linamar projects throughout Guelph, the Mechanical Department is an essential part of the company’s success. From managing compressed air services, domestic water, process water system, bathroom repair, new builds, renos and HVAC systems, they have quickly become a vital service offered by Newton Group Ltd., which is a great accomplishment as they near their 10-year anniversary of being a full-time department.

Over the past decade, Ed Newton, CEO and Founder of Newton Group Ltd., has been passionate about developing a vertically integrated business model. This idea is new in North America but when you see the results it provides it makes sense why many consider Ed a visionary. With a vertically integrated process, Newton Group Ltd. is in full control of the quality produced. Ed, who is a licensed carpenter, takes it upon himself to select the best people for the job and takes the time to properly train them. He encourages more seasoned team members to also mentor the less experienced staff because when quality is the only acceptable goal, it’s important to invest in the team to ensure accountability. But what sets this department apart from others, is the sheer commitment, not just to the job, but to each other.

Many projects the Mechanical team undertake are not glamourous and include working in extreme temperatures. The team never fails to put in the work needed to complete each project, ensuring they are always meeting Ed’s standard for excellence, which has become the departments “gold standard.” It is through the mentoring that has brought this team to become a well-oiled machine and if you ask the Department’s Manager, Gerald, they are easily the best mechanical team in Guelph!

Gerald was Ed’s first hire for this new department, and he has worked along side him in growing it to what it is today. Now up to 7 full-time employees, this team would not be the success it is without the hard work of each individual. Keith and Carl, work in all the Linamar projects as foreman, they are consistently available for emergency work and never fail to answer the call when needed. Steve handles all the HVAC requirements and takes care of training new people, like the two apprentices that have joined the team, with over 25 years experience, he is the right man for the job. Finally, Matt is described as Gerald’s “right hand man” he assists with overseeing everything that happens with the department and is without a doubt an amazing lead hand (read more about Matt in our “Newton Celebrity Spotlight” blog here).

The mark of a true tradesman is the work they produce, it is their signature, and as the Mechanical Department look around Guelph, there is no doubt they have made their mark!


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