Celebrating 10 good years!

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When Alex heard from a friend about a job opening to install solar panels on a parking structure, it was then that he began his career at Kiwi Constructors. Ten years later, Alex is now working in the Steel department as a welder. To help congratulate Alex on his milestone achievement, he is this month's, featured staff spotlight!

When Alex started at Kiwi Constructors, his first assignment was on the Markham Parking Structure solar panels installation project. While installing solar panels was his primary assignment, he soon learned that Kiwi

Kiwi Constructors provides the opportunity to try out multiple roles within a project. Alex found himself working as a labourer and lending a hand wherever needed while also working on the solar panel installation. This project would set the tone for the next ten years. When Alex stepped into the steel plant, he continued to wear multiple hats by helping wherever needed. This process, he said, gave him a good feel for all areas of the company, from pre-cast to small projects. Five years into his career with Kiwi Constructors, Alex decided to take the initiative and obtain his welding license. This initiative was strongly supported by the Kiwi Newton Group, as they offered support and encouragement. As Alex recalls, he had the full support of all his superiors but, that he had to be willing to show up and put in the work. He completed this goal and now works as a welder in the steel plant – a department he jokingly insists is the best in the company.

When looking back on the past ten years, he remarks on his strong team members stating that they went to bat for him, supporting him as he found his way within the company. Coworkers like Jordan, who has been a mentor to Alex, really make the place a positive work environment.  The on-the-job learning and the opportunity to try out multiple areas within the plant offer a different working experience than other companies. While reminiscing about the training opportunities he received, Alex remarked that it is a dying process and not something many places allow anymore. His advice for new or future employees is if you are willing to put in the work, the sky is the limit. While nothing is handed to you, nor should it be, if you work hard, this is a company where you can grow. 

While Alex does not know what he wants for the next ten years, he is confident it will be with Kiwi Constructors.


Please join us in congratulating Alex on his ten-year anniversary at Kiwi Constructors!