Driving Efficiency, Revising Processes

Phil Brown - NG.jpg

In March 2022, Newton Group announced the internal promotion of Phil, who has been a part of Newton Group since January 2020, from Manufacturing Manager to Vice President, Manufacturing. Phil came to Newton Group, having previously worked as the General Manager at a rebar manufacturing plant. Phil has been in manufacturing most of his life, starting at age 15 when he worked for his father, who owned and operated a company in Montreal, QC. There, he learned the main principles of manufacturing, automation, and efficiency, which shaped how he focused his career; by managing people and processes.

Today, as Vice President of Manufacturing, Phil works with his team to increase the capacity within the plant in manageable ways. Working to ensure the plant departments work together smoothly is a big job, relying on strong leadership from colleagues like Rob, the Metal Fab Shop Manager, who oversees production in the metal fab shop, and Andrew, the new Precast Shop Supervisor, has been a must to achieve this. Phil knows teamwork is the key to success, as “great things are never done by one person,” as the fab shop and precast team members are instrumental to the success of the two divisions. Together with his team, they work towards adhering to the idea; “material comes in, the product goes out,” limiting any unnecessary steps.

Through mentoring, teaching, and on the job learning, Phil firmly believes “if a worker is willing and has a strong work ethic, the rest of it can be taught.” With plant upgrades now nearing completion, Phil continues to build his team while refining processes, it is exciting to think about what the manufacturing department at Newton Group will be capable of doing!


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