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What is the KiwiCondo/Commercial Building System?

It is a Building System specifically designed to integrate all elements of construction to work cohesively; resulting in cost efficiency, energy efficiency, durability, and adaptability. 

A New Approach

The KiwiCondo/Commercial Building System is offered as an alternative to traditional methods for building condominiums and commercial projects. The entire building is pre-designed and then tailored to suit your needs. Building components are all factory made and then shipped to site with insulation, windows, heating, cooling, and electrical integrated into the elements. On site they are erected and connected together where the finishes including drywall, tile, millwork and cladding are added. This results in an architecturally designed building with all the advantages that come with a factory made product.




Factory precision for building components. Decreased site time and disruption.

Energy Efficiency:

Low energy consumption. Large insulated thermal mass with inherent energy storage.

Alternative Sources:

Integrates well with alternative energy sources (Geothermal, Solar, etc.).


Accelerated construction schedule with prefabrication.


Low running costs and less maintenance than conventionally constructed buildings.


Completely customizable to suite owner and architect preferences for façade, layout and finish.


Utilizing an Integrated Total-Precast approach to realize the benefits of Off-Site Construction and prefabrication, while allowing for customization through a Vertically Integrated delivery model. All major building components are prefabricated using steel reinforced precast concrete.

  • Outside walls

  • Inside walls

  • Floor Plates

  • Stairs

  • Stair wells and elevator shafts

Building elements are designed to integrate other building functions to work cohesively.


Integrated Design

The ability to customize and integrate sets Kiwi Newton apart from a typical precast concrete supplier. A KiwiCondo/Commercial building requires each building elements to multi-task. One-Element; Multiple Functions.

Exterior Wall Element

A KiwiCondo/Commercial exterior wall element is manufactured of precast concrete. Prior to the concrete being poured in the mold, the electrical conduit is placed so that it will be embedded into the wall. Before it leaves the Kiwi Newton facility, the insulation is added on the outside, facade clips are installed (thermally isolated) and the windows and patio doors are installed. The walls are poured interior side down, leaving an extremely smooth form finish on the inside of the building. Paint this interior wall and there is no need for drywall. 

Floor Plate

The 'double-tee' floor plate spans from the exterior structural wall to an interior structural wall (likely a corridor wall).

The floor plates are prestressed precast concrete elements manufactured in Kiwi Newton's facility. Before pouring the concrete into the form, Kiwi Newton can embed hydronic lines for heating and cooling the building (Yes, and cooling!). In-floor heating and cooling comes standard with a KiwiCondo/Commercial building as it can be effectively integrated in the facility. Electrical conduit and sprinkler lines can also be integrated into the floor plate for the level below. The floor element now has structural, mechanical and electrical functions.

Interior and Shear Walls

Interior demising and shear walls can also be made of precast concrete with the same integrations as the exterior walls. 

Stairs and Foundations

Stairs, stair wells, elevator cores and foundations are all manufactured out of precast concrete and shipped to site for Just-In-Time delivery. 

Energy Concept

The Building System centers around inherent energy efficiency. The insulation is placed on the exterior side of our precast concrete walls. This places all of the concrete inside a thick layer of insulation. As the building is heated, the concrete acts as a large thermal mass. The large thermal mass mitigates fluctuations in outdoor temperature keeping the inside temperature consistent. 

During the day, the concrete soaks up the energy from the sun to "charge" the building, it then slowly releases this energy back into the building during the cooler nights. This concept is known as Core Activation. 

With such an inherent insulating value, special care is taken to limit thermal bridging. Thermal bridging occurs when an exterior element is directly connected to an interior element without any thermal breaks. A prime example is when a balcony is simply an extension of the floor slab, cantilevered out. With this building detail, the cold concrete balcony is an express bridge for your heating energy to leave your building. Kiwi Newton uses thermally broken balconies and facade mounting to eliminate thermal bridges. 

Optimal Building Performance

The KiwiCondo/Commercial Building System is designed for: 


The Building System is cost effective through the use of prefabricated elements, yet flexible enough to achieve a customized designed. End users will enjoy a durable, energy efficient, acoustically resilient, and functional building.


Highly durable precast concrete buildings with efficient centralized heating and cooling keeps monthly utility bills low, and can be easily adapted in the future as technology changes. With a centralized system, maintenance is also less complicated.

Purpose Built Rentals

With a superior energy concept at the core of the KiwiCondo/Commercial design, owners of purpose built rental buildings can offer attractive rates with confidence and lowered utility costs. Precast concrete also offers high durability and is more favourable for building insurance. 

Commercial & Office

The Building System is designed to span from the exterior wall to an internal structural wall or column grid line. These long spans leave flexibility for the owner to arrange their space how they desire. With less shear walls in the main space, the building can be easily renovated in the future to adapt to different uses.


High traffic buildings such as student residences, classroom buildings, or hospitals are perfect for the KiwiCondo/Commercial Building System. Efficient centralized heating and cooling keeps monthly utility bills low, and can be easily adapted in the future as technology changes. With a centralized system, maintenance is also less complicated.


Similar to all of the above, the KiwiCondo/Commercial Building System can be used for Hotel projects which would result in an energy efficient building making a positive impact on the overall operating budget.  

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