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The Kiwi


The Kiwi in Kiwi Newton Group reflects the adaptable Kiwi bird and the owner's place of birth and upbringing in the nation New Zealand located in the South Pacific Ocean.  Growing up on the land and starting off as a career in farming has given the Kiwi Newton Group Owner a natural sense of conservation.   In fact the Kiwi name goes deeper. When thinking about what a vertically integrated general contractor is all about, the kiwi bird is likely not what initially comes to mind but is fundamentally the core of who Kiwi Newton Group is. 

It’s our name, our logo, and is a fundamental belief held at the core of Kiwi Newton Group. Adaptability. Adapting to technology, circumstance, and environment, true success comes from the ability to adapt in every situation. As true leaders, Kiwi Newton Group is committed to continuing to adapt to stay at the forefront of technology with the goal of creating beautiful structures that are sustainable, utilizing green alternative energy, while lowering the carbon footprint. 

Read more about the meaning behind the Kiwi in our logo here:

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Ed Newton

President & CEO

Ed provides excellent vision and leadership in all areas of construction.  He is responsible for the corporate planning, business planning, strategy, and day-to-day running of Newton Group Ltd. including setting policy, the sale of projects and their effective design and management.

Ed liaises with the in-house team of, engineers, designers, project managers, manufacturing managers, technical, quality, and other team members at Kiwi Newton Group.  Outside the company Ed liaises with clients, potential clients, other industry experts, architects, and other consultants for selling work, developing projects, or gaining insights, promoting future work, and learning more for supporting the future of the company.  With his personal commitment to all projects, he ensures that client’s issues and best interests are properly addressed, ensures projects are properly resourced and delivered while mitigating the risks associated with each project.”


Cam Krajcik

Vice-President, Design and Engineering 

As the Vice President of Engineering and Design, Cam is involved with all steps of a design-build project. Throughout the design phase, he manages the consulting team to ensure all design deadlines are achieved and reviews are coordinated among all design team members. He will liaise between all trades and disciplines. Once design drawings are completed, with his experience and knowledge of Autocad, Revit and Tekla, Cam manages the detailing team to produce accurate erection and shop drawings for all structural steel and precast components being produced in-house. Cam manages the steel and precast production to ensure production schedules are carried out. Cam coordinates specific design changes and production issues with the detailing and consulting team and provides feedback to the technical director and project executive on progress.  

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