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Idlewyle Manor

Working with MMMC Inc. Architects, Kiwi Newton Construction completed the construction of this multi storey retirement home located in Hamilton, Ontario while the existing facility was kept fully operational. The safety of residents and staff was paramount during the construction period. A Site Specific Safety Plan was put into place before the start of the project and was strictly adhered to during the entire period. Consideration of the residents and their comfort was at “top of mind” for our entire staff. Construction was kept completely separate from the residents at all times. This unique site boasts mature trees and a creek on the property which had to be taken into consideration at all times. With careful planning, multiple phases were put into place to accommodate deliveries, food preparation, etc. while at all times moving the schedule forward in a timely fashion. Final finishes and the transition from the old facility allowed for the demolition of the original facility. This proceeded without incident and all being completed and built to the Owner’s plans and specifications under MOH guidelines.
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