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Modular Construction – the way of the future and the future is now!

Lengthy schedules = increasing costs Depleted resources = environmental catastrophe Climate change = more intense weather patterns.

Construction methods have to change to ensure the future of our planet. We are already seeing the dramatic effects of climate change with more intense storms. Construction grinds to a halt during these times and that lengthens the schedule which leads to increased costs. We also have to find ways to construct that are easier on the environment; ways that use fewer resources; smarter methods. Prefabricated construction is the way of the future and the future is already here!

Lawson Oates, director of the Toronto Environment Office in Toronto was quoted in the Toronto Star on August 18, 2012 as saying, “I was watching a report from the United States where some concrete failed, which made a bridge unusable. When they tried to repair it, they had to pour the concrete at night because the temperatures were so high. You need a certain amount of time for concrete to cure, and if they did it mid-day, it would cure too fast and then crumble. These are the types of adaptations taking place in the face of these weather extremes.” Prefabricated concrete for parking structures, bridges and condo buildings will not encounter this problem, especially when the precast is manufactured in a climate controlled plant.

Our CANADACAR parking system uses a high performance concrete. We manufacture it in our plant. It is not subject to inclement weather and every pour is perfect ensuring an extremely high quality. In our CANADACAR parking structure, our parking decks are only 105mm thick which is half the thickness of conventional poured in place concrete. That means the concrete is lighter which equates to lighter steelworks. Fewer resources are used and that’s better for the environment all around. Why aren’t more construction projects using precast concrete? Why are we not using methods that are better for the environment and cost less?


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